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White Label Mate Soda is a highly revitalizing and lightly sweetened natural soda.

Our bottle contains the highest quality ingredients we could source, and the soda’s unique flavor profile is unlike anything you've ever tasted. Drink White Label ice cold for energy, clarity and refreshment. It’s perfect on its own or mixed with your spirit of choice - it’s great with vodka, tequila, and rum alike. White Label’s distinct flavor and lasting effect will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Contact us for more information about our product and its ingredients.


Our Ingredients

Back Label

We worked hard to source the best all-natural ingredients for a well-balanced soda. Drink responsibly :P


Ashwagandha is an indian herb sought after for its rejuvenating properties. It’s often used for stress relief and mental clarity.

Organic Yerba Mate

Found in South America, the naturally-caffeinated leaves of this rainforest tree are traditionally steeped, creating a tea-like beverage with a complex and earthy flavor profile.


Rich in flavor, vitamins and minerals, our certified organic sugar is squeezed from fresh Brazilian cane before being evaporated and crystallized.


Molasses is created during the process of refining sugar. Sugar cane is boiled down to a syrup, from which sugar crystals are extracted. The remaining liquid is dark, rich molasses.


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